Loslaten maar niet helemaal loslaten. Accepteer hoe het NU is maar werk aan morgen. Een inspiratie moment voor de perfectionist van één van mijn favoriete bloggers, Seth Godin…

Nothing ever is. Nothing is flawless, optimized and suitable for everyone.

Instead, all we can hope for is, “the best we could hope for, under the circumstances.”

But, because there are circumstances, whatever happens is exactly what the circumstances created. Whatever is happening now is what’s going to happen now. There’s no way to change it. Perhaps we can change tomorrow, or even the next moment, but this moment–it’s exactly what it was supposed to be, precisely what the circumstances demanded.

Which, if we’re going to be truthful about it, is perfect.

In the long run, we can work to change the circumstances. We can start today, right now. We must. It’s the only way to make perfect better.


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